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Startup Founders Say 'Meet Me in St. Louis'
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For proof that a successful technology venture can grow somewhere other than Silicon Valley, 29-year-old entrepreneur Gabe Lozano says he had to look no further than his own father, who in 1996 founded PaylinX in their hometown of St. Louis, Mo., and later sold it for $138 million.

"I knew it could be done in St. Louis-if my dad could do it here, I knew I could do it here," Lozano said. "There is a lot of pressure to move toward the coast, but there is a determinable excitement here."

And he should know-his company, LockerDome is rapidly expanding. According to Lozano, the social networking site for sports, which connects fans and athletes, has grown 25% week-over-week for 24 weeks straight. The company raised $2 million after over-subscribing on a $1 million funding round, he said, and plans to raise between $5 million and $10 million in the next year.

Lozano is part of a growing network of technology innovators choosing to call St.

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